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Neil Jones


High School Teacher,

Course Developer,

Virtual Teaching Specialist

B.A. (Hons.) in Economics

University of York, England

Virtual Teacher Specialization

University of California, Irvine

Supporting children with difficulties in reading & writing

University of London, England

(305) 607-6839



My name is Neil Jones, and I am a Welsh technology entrepreneur. I have founded businesses that have been significant disruptors in two global markets.

In 2002, I saw an opportunity to bring new technology, products, competitive pricing models, and improved customer service to a very staid industry. I started n2check, a business credit information company widely recognized in the industry as setting new standards for innovation, customer service, and value. It was a game-changer not just in England but throughout the world. Five years later, I sold n2check to world market leader Dun & Bradstreet.

I retired for six months in 2008 to write a novel. My retirement did not last long. While writing my novel, I discovered a need for a reader-friendly e-reader. I designed the Cool-er, manufactured and launched it in less than 4 months, selling 13,500 units on QVC in one day. The Cool-er reached over one billion people via the (then) new social media channels of Twitter and Facebook and the more "traditional" press channels of newspapers, magazines, television, and online news sites and blogs. The Cool-er was an innovative, consumer-friendly device that changed the market and made e-readers more accessible by driving down price and increasing functionality.

Recently, as well as working on my own businesses,  I have been using my marketing and sales skills to help technology start-ups produce Go-To-Market strategies – which has, in reality, been teaching entrepreneurs and their teams how to package, market, and sell their products and solutions.

Outside the business world, I am a husband, dad (to four-legged creatures and well as two-legged), a soccer/rugby/cricket fan, avid reader, a non-profit volunteer, trainee sailor, and writer.


For the last few years, I have been helping entrepreneurs to market and sell their products and solutions. This has usually involved educating and coaching the entrepreneur and their team so that they can become self-sufficient. Without realizing it, I have been teaching business management, marketing, and sales for ten years.

I have been actively involved in my foster son’s education, especially during the pandemic. This has given me insight into the Florida curriculum, virtual and physical teaching techniques, and the accommodations and services available for children who have difficulties reading and writing. As a result, I decided that I may have a bigger positive impact on society by using my skills and experience as a middle or high school teacher than working with only two or three start-up entrepreneurs a year.


I have spent the last year building my subject area knowledge, understanding teaching techniques and technology tools, and gaining more knowledge about dyslexia and its associated conditions. In particular, I have taken courses to learn more about dyslexia, the challenges that dyslexic persons face, the solutions and techniques that can help, and how to work with dyslexic children to improve their reading and writing rapidly. Helping children with dyslexia overcome their reading challenges to reach their full potential is something about which I am very passionate. In my first year of teaching, I taught neurodiverse high school students using a multi-modal approach. I have taught Economics, US Government, Astronomy, Pre-Algebra, Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II, English, Creative Writing, SAT Preparation, and Team Sports I. In each case, I wrote the course or delivered extra material. For example, for Astronomy, I wrote a 158-lesson college 100-level course, using video lessons, cloze reading assessments, lesson quizzes, chapter quizzes, and mid-term/final examinations. All these courses were delivered on a hybrid basis, both in-person and online.

I also believe that virtual schools will be of ever-increasing importance in the future. However, the skills needed to be a highly effective virtual teacher are somewhat different from those for a physical environment. The businesses that I have founded have essentially been virtual, with staff based around different parts of the country and world. I understand that my skillsets and experience in using technology for business will hold me in good stead as a virtual teacher. Being a lifelong learner, I have completed the Virtual Teaching Specialization program at the University of California, Irvine. I have commenced a course on teaching with technology at the University of London.

Good teachers are engaging, and, in my view, to be truly engaging, you have to be enthusiastic about the subjects you teach. I am passionate about literature, history, geography, economics, politics, and technology. With enthusiasm and energy, I aim to get the students to love those subjects, have fun learning, improve their skills and knowledge, and become successful and productive members of society.

I have enjoyed the first year of this new chapter of my life very much.

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